5 Tips That Will Keep You Exercising

The word “exercise” has almost become another 4-letter word in our society. Many of us think of this as sweating while running in a tedious, never-ending circle and not being able to breathe, or lifting weights until your arms fall off. The way many people exercise leaves them frustrated and bored and ready to give up.

We know how beneficial exercising can be for us, both physically and mentally. So why does it feel like the most dreaded part of our day?

Here are some good tips that will keep you going to the gym


1. The most beneficial form of exercise is the one you will actually do.


If you would rather poke an eye out than chase a treadmill belt – don’t! There are so many forms of exercise and different ways to enjoy them. Maybe swimming appeals more to you, or rowing or biking or a dance class. Maybe you’d rather grab a group of friends to play basketball or take a hike in the woods. Do what you love to do!


2. Don’t make your expectations too high.



Many people try to start off running straight for an hour or lifting 50 reps of 50 lbs each.  If you go too hard to fast, you will get discouraged and burn out. Start slow and track your progress!


3. Don’t go at it alone.


Studies have shown that exercising with a buddy provides support, accountability, and is just more fun! If you have a friend who wants to work on their workout routine as well, find something you love to do together – and enjoy it!


4. You gotta push through.

joseph gordon


Exercise is not like eating cake, you may not love the first bite. Endurance has to be built, and when you haven’t worked out before it can feel like a real struggle. Be encouraged and stick with it! You will get better, it will get easier, and you’ll find what you enjoy about it. Don’t give up!


5. Lifestyle Change vs. Quick Fix

fat kid


Exercise is recommended not just for weight loss, but to maintain your health in a number of ways. If you’re going just to lose weight and plan on stopping after you reach your number goal, you’re going for the wrong reasons. Exercise should be a daily part of our lives, regardless of our weight. Work on making this a regular, routine part of you. I promise you will be glad you did!


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