Treat Yo Self!

Today is National Splurge Day, a faux holiday created in 1994 by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. This day is about celebrating you and doing something you may not usually take the time or money to do. This could be something as simple as buying that pint of ice cream that you always pass up in the grocery store to something a little more lavish, like finally booking that dream vacation you swore you were going to take 5 years ago. Whatever your desire is, today you are encouraged to GO FOR IT!

treat yo self

Like all good things, it is easy to get carried away and lose sight of what is important. Always remember to have fun, but do so in moderation. Moderation keeps us safe and prevents us from ruining what is most important to us in our lives. All decisions have consequences and we need to be able to live with those based on the decisions we make. It is perfectly normal for a person over the age of 21 to partake in consumption of an alcoholic beverage as long as they do so in moderation. If your choice for National Splurge Day is to splurge on a bottle of expensive wine that is perfectly fine, just don’t finish the bottle by yourself. It can be fun to share your splurge with a couple of your friends, allowing you to enjoy the money you invested in your self-happiness and sharing that enjoyment with the people you love.

Here are some good ideas for your National Splurge Day:

  1. According to Michael Norton, co-author of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, one way to get the highest happiness out of your splurge buys is to spend it on experiences. This may include vacations, nights out with friends, or something thrilling like skydiving or parachuting.
  2. Another good idea is to splurge on others. Research shows that one can feel tremendous emotional reward from simple acts of kindness such as treating someone to dinner or giving an unexpected gift.
  3. Probably one of the most important things to remember is to splurge within your budget. You don’t want to carry the weight of guilt after a splurge, which is supposed to make you feel good. Worrying about debt can not only affect your emotional health, but your physical health as well.
  4. Finally, splurging doesn’t even have to be related to money. The whole point of National Splurge Day is to celebrate yourself and do something you may not usually take the time or money to do. Some examples of free splurging would be to take time to do something you enjoy, like watch one of your favorite classic movies, take a relaxing bubble bath, or go on a nice long walk – no price tag attached!
splurge on



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