Why Guys Should Totally Wear Pink If They Want

lebron pink
If King James can pull off a pink shirt on the cover of GQ without having his masculinity questioned, you can too. (www.pinterest.com)

Over the years, many men have tagged pink as a feminine color and have refused to wear it. But why is that exactly? From the time we are born, it is an unspoken rule or norm that girls wear pink, and boys wear blue. Why does a color have to determine how manly you are? The truth is, it doesn’t.

It is perfectly normal for men to wear pink. Often time’s people may read too much into the color that one wears and think that it always has to equal an emotion. It would be very hard to argue that one wears a particular color each day based on how they are feeling. With that being said, choosing to wear the color pink doesn’t always have to be an expression of our inner thoughts and definitely doesn’t define one’s masculinity or femininity.
Recently, it has been a trend for guys to wear pink, especially in support of breast cancer awareness. Many sports teams and athletes have adopted pink uniforms or sportswear in honor of this worthy cause.


Hopefully by seeing some of their role models, teens and young adults will be inspired to accept that pink is not just a color for women. It can also be worn by men on a regular basis or in support of causes such as this one. Remember that it is okay for you to be you. Staying true to yourself is what is most important, so if you want to wear pink, just wear it!

Always, always be yourself!

Kira R. ❤


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