Accept the Compliment


Does anyone else feel really awkward when someone gives you a compliment? I’ve heard all types of theories on what to do with them once they come at you and what it could mean if you accept it the wrong way. If you say thank you, will they think you’re conceited? If you brush it off, will they think you are being rude? If you disagree, will they think you are just fishing for more?


I used to have a very difficult time with this. Then one day I gave someone a compliment and they brushed it off like they didn’t even believe me. I remember thinking, “I’m saying something nice to you because it’s true and I want you to know. Why are you throwing it away?” Aaaaand que lightbulb.

If I give someone a compliment, it’s because it’s true and I want them to know that about themselves. Sometimes we assume that if someone is amazing at playing guitar, they just know and should be “humble” enough to brush your compliment off because they don’t need it. But really, we need to encourage each other, and no matter how good you are sometimes it’s really nice to hear a “Nice job,” or “You’re really talented,” or “You’re a great listener.”


You get the hint. I’m proposing that we embrace these rare accolades from others and let them know  we appreciate the time they took to acknowledge us and pass along their positive feedback. It’s okay to acknowledge that you are great at something or have worked hard to achieve a goal. And it makes others feel good to acknowledge that as well.


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