National Simplify Your Life Week: Why It’s Okay to Admit You’re Happy

As we conclude National Simplify Your Life Week, I thought it would be only right to wrap up with a final discussion on happiness.


Happiness is what fuels us to enjoy our lives and the people that are in them. As Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are our three unalienable rights after all. But what did he mean by “pursuit of happiness”?

Is happiness something that we have to seek to attain or accomplish? Should it be a goal to be happy?

In my experience, a goal is something that you have to work for and make plans to achieve. But, I thought happiness was our right? Well as it turns out, happiness is indeed a right that we have; we just have to be willing to accept the simple fact that it is okay to be happy.

So many times we base our happiness off of our successes. For instance, we may say that if we get a good job we will be happy. But once we get that good job, we set ourselves up to think that we have to get a better job and then we will be happier.

When we link our happiness directly as an outcome of our successes, we will never truly be satisfied with the level of happiness that we can have.

As Shawn Achor points out in his Ted Talk, “If we are able to retrain our brains to become more positive, we can rewire our brain to work more optimistically and more successfully. Your brain starts to retain a pattern to scan the world, not the negative but for the positive.”

Achor lists 5 things that we can do for 2 minutes each day, 21 days in a row to create a lasting positive change.

Creating lasting positive change- 21 days in a row

3 gratitudes




Random acts of kindness

The following infographic shows how being happy can also positively impact your health.

happy infographic.png

In the end, being happy pays off.So stop thinking happiness is just around corner and start believing that maybe, just maybe, happiness is where you already are. 


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