Why The First Day of School Is Actually the Best

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I was always one of those weird kids who loved going back to school. After spending 2 ½ months away from my friends doing basically nothing all summer, I was ready to at least be doing something each day. Even if it was math (gross).

Now that I’ve finished over 16 years of first days of school, I’ve come to realize the first day is actually the best day. Yes, it sucks because you have to wake up at 6:30 or 7 now instead of 11, but there are a ton of good things that come from the first day.

You really don’t do anything.

billy madison

Ahh, syllabus day. Or if you are in high school, syllabus week.  It’s a day or week spent going over a piece of paper you can read all on your own. It’s pretty great because you aren’t expected to do anything but sit there, which is fantastic for those of us who aren’t morning people. You also learn how many assignments you’ll have for the semester, how boring they will be, and if you’re going to have an easy or hard year.

You finally get to see what your teachers will be like.

I remember feeling anxious before a new class because I never knew what my teachers or professors would be like. In college, it’s a little different because of ratemyprofessor.com (Trust the reviews! They’re always right!). But in high school, advice from upperclassmen was your only chance of learning how cool a teacher was.

You see your friends again.

friends high school

For city kids who could walk to their friend’s house, this may not be a big deal. But for those of us who lived in rural areas and weren’t able to drive yet, we were pretty secluded all summer unless we played summer sports.

You meet the new kids and (maybe) new friends.

I went to a relatively small school where everyone knew each other, so it was easy to pick out the new kids.

For those of you in college, the first day of school means having multiple classes with people you’ve probably never met before. This gives you the opportunity to make new friends multiple times throughout the day.

So, instead of bemoaning the first day of school, embrace it, love it and enjoy it as much as possible. It will only get harder from here.


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