The Importance of Me Time

me time 3

Many people can tell you that they know the importance of self-care in their lives, but what they won’t tell you is that it is often one of the last things on their “To Do” list. If self-care is a key component of our happiness, then why is it not more of a priority? Below I have listed some of the most common excuses that we give when it comes down to taking some much needed “Me Time”.

  1. I simply don’t have time.

This is clearly an excuse because we take time every day to do a whole slew of other activities that are definitely not as important as taking time to focus on just ourselves. For example, we take time to do the basic essentials of taking a shower, brushing our teeth, and fixing our hair every day to get ready for work or school. Why can’t we take time at the end of our day to unwind, catch our breath, and do something nice for ourselves? The answer is: we can!

  1. I will have to spend money.

“Me time” doesn’t have to come with a price. Examples of things to do for yourself that are free include: taking a relaxing walk, meditating, or taking a soothing bath or shower. If you are up for spending some money, try going for a cup of coffee or taking a much needed spa day!

  1. I feel bad not including anyone else.

The point of “me time” is to avoid distractions. That includes extra people that can get in the way of focusing just on yourself. There are plenty of other times to include someone else. I think you owe it to yourself to be the center of attention for a change!

Now that you understand what “me time” consists of, you may be wondering how you can fit this into your busy life. The following infographic from details the importance of “me time” and gives tips on how you can incorporate more of it into your life.

me time 1


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