Early Detection is the Key

Did you know that HIV is no longer a death sentence? There are so many treatments available today, allowing most people to live longer and healthier lives with HIV. But the key is early detection!

early detection

If you regularly get tested for STIs from your doctor or clinic, great! You’re doing exactly what you should be doing. However, the HIV test is not included in your regular STI testing. It’s actually a separate test, so adding this to your regular STI testing is the best chance of early detection.

It is recommended to be tested for HIV every 3-6 months if you are engaging in risky behavior. What counts as risky behavior? Switching partners, having sex without protection and injecting drugs with needles all count.

The best thing is, CCPE offers free oral HIV rapid tests. There is no blood work or parental consent needed, and you’ll have your results within 20 minutes.

CCPE will be at the Indiana University Memorial Union in the Redbud room on Wednesday 8/17 and Thursday 8/18 from 10-4pm offering free testing for anyone between the ages of 13-24. So stop by and learn your status!


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