Making the Most of a 2-Hour Delay by Procrastinating Productively

It’s winter. Early, and bitterly cold. You wake up; one eye half opened, the other still closed. You struggle as you reach to turn off the alarm clock – for either the first or tenth time, if you are like me. You make your way to shower and get ready for the day. Next comes a quick breakfast, some last minute homework if need be, and you’re bustling off to school to try and make it to first period before that 8 a.m. bell rings and you get yet another tardy for the semester.

Sound like a typical day in the life of a high school student? That’s how I remember my mornings going anyway.

But on those sacred, rare, and unexplainably satisfying mornings you wake up one eye half opened, the other still closed…

But wait!

You remembered a storm rolled in last night and there was a potential for snow/ice build-up. You sprint to the nearest television, or pull out your phone, to check the weather channel. You patiently wait as the local newscast filters through all the schools in your county with some sort of delay – which always seemed like I caught it from the very beginning of the list and had to wait until the end of the alphabet to see if my school would be listed – and then it happens.

That moment that you have been praying for for the last 5 minutes you’ve been (somewhat) awake. Your school district comes across the screen and your confirmation has finally been found.

You my friend, have a two-hour delay. (Commences with a happy dance.)

So, now you have two extra hours on your hands.

If you already haven’t sprinted back to bed and don’t quite know how to pass this time, we have some suggestions to help you be more proactive and productive with your new found time. We have made a list of 11 of what we think are great ways to make the best of your two-hour delay so as to help you procrastinate productively.

1. Catch up on that homework you know you were supposed to do last night.

Instead of trying to multitask by shoving food in your face at lunch while also trying to calculate equations on your Pre-calculus homework before it’s due at the beginning of class during 4th period – get it done ahead of time! Two-hour delays can be very useful for getting some extra study time in. This could be especially useful if you have a test coming up later on that day. Get a little studying in now, and be more than prepared later!

2. Check out Buzzfeed!

This online site has tons of articles that you could spend countless hours reading through. With topics including animals, books, business, celebrity news, DIY, food, health, LGBT, life, music, podcasts, politics, science, sports, world news, and much more! There is something for everyone on this website!

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of Pop-Tart or Harry Potter character your personality closely matches up with like I have, here are a few links to help you get started!

3. Create a new music playlist!

Carlos de la Orden |

If you are anything like me, once I realized Spotify was a real thing, I stopped making individual music playlists. Though, for those long car rides, times at the gym, or for a fun night with friends, there have been many times I would have rather just sat down and put together a good mix of music instead of having to worry about running back and forth to my phone all night to change the song.

Take these few extra hours and search through the thousands of songs you already have, or set out to find some new music you haven’t added yet! Either way, you’ll definitely be glad you did later.

4. Actually watch or read the news!

Growing up, I can remember every single morning that, when I would be walking around the house like a zombie trying to get ready for school, my parents would be sitting there watching the Channel 8 News. Granted, the only time I ever paid attention was if there was a possibility of having a two-hour delay. On the days where there would magically be that delay, I would run right back to bed.

Instead of rushing back to bed for that extra sleep, stay up and watch the news! Find out what’s going on in your local community and the communities surrounding you. The news isn’t always filled with terrible stories, and a lot of times you’re bound to learn something new!

5. Clean something.

Michael Zacharzewski |


There’s not much detail I can go in to about cleaning during a two-hour delay. You know your room is probably a mess. Start with your room, maybe hit the kitchen or bathroom. Guaranteed thumbs up from your parents when they get home.

6. Clean yourself (shower in the morning for a change).

I know that there has been the age-old argument about showering the night before or the morning of. I’ve always been a ‘morning of’ type of person. Not knocking your personal choices, but I like the feeling of smelling and feeling fresh and clean every morning. But that’s just me.

7. Eat a hearty breakfast.

Roger Kirby |


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

For many years, I made the mistake of skipping breakfast to have just a few extra minutes to sleep in and get myself ready in the mornings. But, I have definitely suffered the consequences on numerous occasions, including being in class or at work and then all of a sudden hearing my stomach growl loudly. Yeah. So, save yourself the hunger pains and make yourself a good hearty breakfast for a change (this does not include your sugary go-to foods such as Pop-Tarts).

8. Social Media, you’ll do it anyways…

We’ve all been there. You look at the clock and it’s 5 p.m., and you hit up social media “for a little bit.” You look back at the clock thinking only 20 minutes or so has probably passed by, and its now 7:15 p.m. and you have no idea what you’re doing with your life.

9) Call your grandparents.

You know they’ll be up anyway. And how sweet is it when you call your grandparents and you hear how excited they are that you took the time out of your day to keep in contact with them? Make them happy, and give yourself a smile. You’ll be thankful you did the little things to brighten their day.

10) Get your blood pumping.

Tallia22 |



You know that excuse you always seem to come up with to yourself about “not having enough time in the day…”? Well, now you do.

This doesn’t mean you have to rush off to the gym or anything crazy like that. Just make a comfortable spot on the floor and start out with some basic stretches and then work your way into a few set of crunches and push-ups. Maybe throw in a set of jumping jacks and pull-ups (if you have the capabilities), and I promise you’ll feel more energized and ready for your day!

Go to this link to get some helpful tips on exercises you can do at home!

11. Visit

Maybe not so productive, but hey, it’s something to do!

Now get out there and enjoy that two-hour delay!

  • Brandon



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