Common Condom Misconceptions

Today, we celebrate a very important day focused on sex, and in some cases, love; National Condom Day! In order to properly celebrate, we thought we would dispel a few myths surrounding condoms and their use.

The more the better! When it comes to condoms, doubling up is not a good idea. When the two condoms rub together, they cause a lot of friction, which increases the chance of the condoms breaking. Which is no bueno.

One size fits all. While most condom sizes don’t vary too much, it’s still important to find a condom that fits just right, to ensure the maximum amount of protection and pleasure.

My guy says he’s too big for a condom, so we don’t use them! Anyone that tells you they are too big for condoms is lying. Condoms stretch a crazy amount (like a crazy amount!), and they can stretch over any sized penis.condoms

I shouldn’t carry a condom in my wallet because it’s more likely to break. While it’s true that the condom is more likely to break, it’s also important to realize that not having a condom on hand is a big reason a lot of people don’t use protection. While it may not be ideal to use a condom that’s been in your wallet for a month (or more), a condom that may be likely to break is better than no condom at all.

I don’t need to wear a condom if she’s on birth control. Birth control will help protect a woman from getting pregnant, but it doesn’t protect you (or her) from STIs.

Lifestyle condoms can’t be trusted. People always want to know what the best condoms are and automatically assume they need to avoid Lifestyles. In all reality, the red Lifestyles were rated the most durable condoms by a study done at the University of Oregon.

Condoms are too expensive. You know what’s expensive? Treating an STD or raising a child. If you can’t shell out the $8-12 it costs to buy a pack of condoms, try hitting up your local health department, Planned Parenthood or pregnancy resource center for some free ones. If you’re on the IU campus, you can snag some at the IMU Health and Wellness Room M005 or the Health Center.

You can’t use a condom for oral sex. You wouldn’t want to use a regular condom, but flavored condoms are designed specifically for oral sex.

Condoms will protect me 100 percent of the time. With perfect use, condoms are 98 percent effective, which means that every 2 out of 100 times, they will fail.

Saran wrap will work in a pinch. No. Just, no.






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