Everything You Think Is Wrong

WRONGToday is Everything You Think Is Wrong Day and I wanted to address an issue I come across far too often, especially when working with teens and young adults:

You are not invincible.

Too often, people fall victim to the myth of invincibility – the belief that no harm can come your way, no matter what – and it leads to their demise. Whether that’s social, financial or physical demise depends on the situation.

People who think they are invincible divide the world into two different categories: them and me. They think they will be the exception because they “know better.” Here are some prime examples:

“Weak, stupid people get addicted to drugs. I’m in complete control of my body and mind and won’t let myself get addicted. Plus, I’ll be able to stop anytime I want.”

“I don’t have a condom and I’m about to hook up with this person. I’m sure everything will be fine, though. They don’t look like a person who has an STD, so I’m sure we’re cool.”

“I can handle three beers and then drive home. The people who crash while drinking and driving just weren’t being careful enough, but I’m extra careful.”

But you can get addicted to drugs, you can get an STD, and you can kill someone and end up in jail for drinking and driving. And the common phrase that everyone says after it happens to them?

“I never thought it would happen to me.”

Of course they never thought it would happen to them! If they had, they probably wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in.

This is me reminding you that it can happen to you. When we stop thinking of ourselves as an exception to the rule, we can ensure we don’t end up in a bad situation. So next time you’re in a situation that could potentially put you or others in danger, don’t become a victim of the myth of invincibility.


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