I Am In Control

Hooray, today is National I Am In Control Day! Today is all about you owning the fact that you are definitely in control of your life, your destiny, your livelihood. YOU are in control…or are you?

When thinking of the word “control”, it is natural to think of the word “power” and vice versa. What do we have control of in our lives and what things do we wish we had control of?

For me, I want to have control over my relationships.

Sometimes I wish that I had control over how the other person in that relationship reacts, thinks, and contributes. Over the years however, I have learned that I cannot and will not ever have control over that other person.control the controllables

The only thing that I can control and have the power to change are my own reactions, thoughts, and contributions to that relationship.

For instance, I can control what I say to that other person, how I express my feelings towards them, and what I contribute to the stability of our relationship. I think that it is easy to get hung up on how the other person might react when we are honest with them, but in the end they will probably appreciate our openness.

Sometimes you have to learn to control the controllables and let the rest go. Just relax!

Adding stress to your life isn’t healthy. Instead of moving through life on a power surge, focus on small achievable goals for yourself.

You are in control of the choices you make, so make some good ones!

❤ Kira

National I Am In Control Day commemorates the date in 1981 when Secretary of State Alexander Haig said, “I am in control here,” in response to an interview regarding the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.


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