Why everyone should watch Lovesick on Netflix

When I started watching Lovesick on Netflix, I was a little skeptical. A story about a guy with an STD? Come on, how entertaining is that? After binge watching all available seasons on the streaming site, I’m a firm believer everyone should watch it.

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Here’s the exact synopsis of the show: Dylan, a 20-something romantic, has been intimate with a long list of women during his quest for true love. When he discovers that he has a sexually transmitted disease, Dylan must go back and contact everyone he has slept with to tell them about his diagnosis. Each time Dylan seeks out a different person from his contact list, the show flashes back to a defining moment in a relationship that he would prefer to forget. Friends Evie and Luke, who have been with Dylan through it all over the last decade, travel down memory lane with him. 

The best part about the show is that it keeps you guessing while being absolutely hysterical. It’s a romcom mystery sitcom.

There is a lot of room for error in this show*. It’s really tricky to talk about STDs, and even more so in a humorous way. Normally, there’s a lot of embarrassment and the “oh my gosh this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me” mentality. In Lovesick, there’s none of that.

For starters, Dylan is super cool about receiving his curable chlamydia diagnoses and quickly realizes the importance of telling all of his past partners. And he has a lot. But what the show gets right is that all of his past partners take the news that they could potentially have an STD so well. Which is exactly how it should be! The show doesn’t make a big deal out of the fact that he has an STD, instead it’s more of a guiding plot point that leads to a bigger more interesting story.

Lovesick also sends out a number of subliminal messages that are extremely important when it comes to sexual health. Get tested between partners (or at least more often than every 9 years!), use protection like a condom, don’t have drunk sex, and have good communication between your sexual partner – especially if they speak a foreign language. The show never comes out and says to do all of these things, but the mild repercussions for not are played out for the viewer to see.

While I can’t recommend it highly enough, I should add there is some vulgar language so it probably isn’t suitable for children. But if you’re looking for a new show to binge, Lovesick is it.

*The show originally aired on Channel 4 in Britain under the name Scrotal Recall. Why anyone would ever think that’s a good name for a TV show is beyond me. 

❤ Olivia


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