NuRX offers birth control, PrEP without the hassle of doctor’s visit

How many times have you tried to schedule a doctor’s appointment or refill a prescription and felt like you were pulling teeth to just get it over with? It can be this way for a lot of people, but there might just be a solution.

A few months ago, I called up my local pharmacy to refill my birth control. They told me that my prescription was expired, even though I just got it renewed three months ago. It was a hassle between my doctor, my pharmacy, and I. Neither one wanted to advocate for me, or help me get the medication that I needed. That’s when I decided that I was done with this continuous cycle of calling in prescriptions, making doctor’s appointments, and having them lose my information. As I scrolled around on Facebook, I saw that the company NuRX is now available in Indiana.

NuRX is often referred as the “Uber for birth control”. When you visit their site, or download their app, you will create your account. You then have the option to choose your birth control method. If you have insurance, it might be free, but if not, the patch and ring usually cost about $100 and a monthly pill pack starts at $15. You have the option to have the doctor select a brand for you, based on the information that you enter about your health, or you can select one that you are already using.

If you haven’t used birth control before, you can still use NuRX! The CDC says that physicals and pelvic exams aren’t necessary to start using birth control, however you will need to have your blood pressure taken. That can be done at a clinic, the Health Center, or even Walmart.

Is NuRX safe? When you go through the process, you put in extensive health information about yourself. It’s important to answer these honestly or else you might get prescribed a medication that doesn’t suit your needs. You will only receive a prescription if the physician thinks that it’s safe for you to do so. The people that receive these requests and write the prescription for you are actually licensed physicians in your state! You have the option to chat with them at any point in time. Your information is always confidential and protected by HIPPA. If you wanted to submit an anonymous question, you can do so by calling (800) 321-NURX.

What all do they offer? NuRX offers various forms of birth control, including 50 different types of oral contraceptives. They also offer Plan B and Ella, both emergency contraceptives that can be shipped overnight to you.

In addition, they offer PReP medication for those who are at risk for contracting HIV. Keep in mind, in order to start PReP, you must frequently get tested for HIV, kidney function, Hepatitis B, and have the option to get tested for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. PReP does lower your risk for contracting HIV, but NuRX (and CCPE) want you to know your status! You can get emergency contraception on Amazon or telemedicine apps, but NuRX is safer because of the amount of doctor interaction with users, says Gengeskar, the founder or NuRK.

While using and shipping with NuRX is free and easy, it’s still important to visit your doctor annually. NuRX strives to make it easier for those who don’t have time to make appointments, or don’t have the transportation to get there.

Texas has a lot of contraceptive deserts; places where there aren’t enough clinics to support a large population. According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, in America there are 19.7 million females ages 13-44 that lack reasonable access to public health clinics for birth control, which means that there is one clinic for every one thousand women.  Texas has the highest number of contraceptive deserts, the highest maternal mortality rate, and the nation’s highest repeat teen pregnancy rate. NuRX can be one solution to these contraceptive deserts.

NuRX might not be for everyone, but it another great resource to have in your tool belt!

To learn more, you can download the NuRX app, or visit the website at NuRX is only available in CA, NY, DC, WA, IL, OH, PA, VA, FL, MI, MO, NJ, MA, IN, MN, and TX.






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