Healthy and Strong is New Skinny

For far too long, Hollywood has imposed its ridiculous and idealistic beauty standards onto the rest of the world in many subtle and overt ways. This has been a long-standing debate and a chronic issue in today’s society.

Many people have taken these standards very seriously and in turn have suffered from eating disorders, dangerously low weight and terrible self-esteem. But recently, a new mantra has appeared, and it’s one I think I could get on board with.
Terms like “fat,” “skinny,” “thigh gap,” are just a few of the adjectives we use to describe the human physique.

The word “strong” has just recently entered into mainstream, however, in hopes of replacing these other, sometimes harmful descriptive words.

Many are taking to the gym not go necessarily lose weight, but to build muscle and take care of their bodies.

Being healthy is becoming the new trend, and it couldn’t have come sooner.

The real concern we should be having over our bodies is whether or not we are “healthy.” I wish this word would transcend all others.

The truth is, you only get one body in this lifetime. There are many diseases and conditions that are completely preventable with a healthier lifestyle, and being healthy means better chances of living a longer life on this earth. This is the important piece; not how you look in that bikini or whether your biceps are bigger than that guy’s.

It’s the fact that your partner, your children, your family and your loved ones may get to enjoy you for years longer because you took care of yourself. It means that you could feel healthier, stronger, not out of breath when you walk up the stairs, and able to chase your children or niece and nephew around the house to play dinosaurs with them. It means adding exciting activities that allow you to see and do more. It means hiking through the woods, swimming in the ocean, running through the crisp morning air and taking in more of the world around you so that you can share more of yourself with the world.

If you’re going to eat well and exercise – as we all know we should – don’t do it to look any particular way.

Do it because it’s your body and your responsibility, and you want to take care of it.

Do it to be healthy.

And if anyone tries to body shame you, tell them healthy and strong is the new skinny.




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