Stress is a Choice

One of the fundamental influences on how we experience life is stress.

Stress is how we respond to different stimuli whether real or imagined. In some ways, it can be healthy to have a little stress in your life. When it becomes a problem is when it consumes your everyday choices and existence.

One important thing to remember is that stress is a choice. You can control how busy you are and how you react to a situation. Obviously, there are good and bad ways to deal with it. Finding that balance may seem hard but once you find it, it will definitely pay off.

One of our body’s responses to stress is by releasing the hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline causes our heart rate to increase, our breathing to become shallower, and the muscles of our body to tense up. Physically it can be draining if it is not turned off at some point. Unless we take action to turn off this response, our body will stay in this state indefinitely, which can only be sustained for a limited amount of time before we become completely and utterly exhausted.

As you can imagine, the toll this takes on our health is detrimental. Over time, stress eats away at the vitamins and minerals that are stored in a reserve our body uses for energy.

When you are under stress do you find yourself feeling tired, lacking energy, and feeling depressed? This is due to the depletion of what your body needs to propel you through that next project, through the end of your school day, and through your life.

Like I said before, stress is a choice. If you’re beginning to feel like you’re plate is filling up, don’t be afraid to say no in a respectful manner. Or, instead of binge watching Netflix for a few hours, do something today that will make tomorrow easier.

There are other things we can do to alleviate the stress in our lives and prevent it from causing problems in our health:

  1. Getting rid of toxic people
  2. Removing clutter
  3. Admitting that you can be happy



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