CCPE (Community Capacity for Prevention and Education) is a federally funded grant based out of Monroe County, Indiana. Our objective is to provide education and prevention for HIV and substance abuse to residents ages 13-24. We offer free HIV testing as well as evidence based assertive communication training, Say it Straight, to communities and organizations within our county.

As part of this SAMHSA grant, our objective is to provide 1,400 people ages 13-24 with their HIV status within the next 5 years.

Evidence Based Practices

Say It Straight: 4.5-8 hour workshop that teaches youth and young adults positive communication skills, boundaries, and how to say no under pressure.

Counseling, Testing, Referral to Treatment (CTR) + HIV Rapid Test: 30-45 minutes by oral swab – no blood work required! – paired with one-on-one brief counseling to offer support and discuss risk factors associated with HIV.

Our Team



Matthew Clay, Program Manager 

Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia

Education: MS in Educational Psychology, Florida State University; BS in Psychology, The University of Georgia

Fun fact: Avid college football fan, Go Dawgs!

Why I like working with CCPE: I enjoy working on the CCPE project because it allows me to collaborate with outstanding members of the community, empower fellow Monroe County residents, and ultimately work towards making my new hometown, Monroe County, a better place.

Why I choose to be drug free: I have too many goals and aspirations to risk getting sidetracked with something potentially very dangerous.

Matt is one of about a dozen people in the United States who is a Master Trainer in Say It Straight.

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Ashley Judge, Prevention Specialist 

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, Indiana University, current MPH student with a concentration in Epidemiology at Indiana University.

Fun fact: I have a chihuahua named Turtle.

Why I like working with CCPE: I get to be in a variety of roles and learn about nonprofit work as well as being able to work with a fabulous team.

Why I choose to be drug free: I can’t take care of my two dogs, school work, and my professional development while being under the influence of drugs.


Keep a look out for our exciting new team members joining us at CCPE!